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This page maintains a list of external resources for general Astronomy outreach.


ESA Classroom

Herschel and Planck in the classroom.- ESA has participated in the production of a series of educational materials relating to Herschel. The material was developed in a collaboaration between the “Wissenschaft in die Schulen!” (WiS! - Science into Schools!) project and the “Sterne und Weltraum” magazine, which was sent out to school teachers in Germany. It includes articles written by scientists involved in the mission, as well as material written by educational experts and targetted directly at the classroom. There are a number of mission-related topics such as orbits, Lagrange points and electromagnetic radiation, and educational videos available with English and German subtitles.


Cool Cosmos

Cool Cosmos! - NASA's significant educational resource to support the teaching of Infrared Astronomy in schools. This site is run by the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center and the Spitzer Science Center. There is a wide range of classroom activities and lesson material, as well as 'Ask the Astronomer...', infrared images and details of past IR missions.


Galaxy Zoo

GalaxyZoo - This project invites the public to help astronomers classify 250,000 galaxies that have been observed as part the SLOAN Digital Sky Survey, the most extensive survey of the sky taken at optical wavelength.


Google Sky

GoogleSky - Aims to do what GoogleEarth has done for our Planet for the cosmos. The website provides roaming access to a number of large surveys across many wavelengths, enabling the user to take a tour through the Cosmos.



Educational resources (list of sites) - A webpage developed by NRAO that lists a large number of websites that contain educational resources for astronomy, covering the whole electromagnetic spectrum.