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Early results from Herschel and HerMES have already made appearances at many science events throughout the U.K. Some of the notable appearances are shown below with selected pictures from the events


Brighton Science Festival

Brighton, U.K., 12th - 28th February 2010

One of the UK's largest science events, the 6th Brighton Science Festival.




The Sky at Night

UK T.V. Monday April 6, 2009

University of Sussex physicist Dr Seb Oliver joined astronomer Sir Patrick Moore to talk about the launch of the world's largest ever space telescope on the BBC's long-running series The Sky At Night. The interview with Sir Patrick took place at the astronomer's Selsey home in West Sussex and explored what Hersche would do once it began its infrared exploration of the Universe.
Dr Oliver was asked to join Sir Patrick because he is jointly leading one of the biggest projects that Herschel will carry out. Dr Oliver says: "I explained some of the science that Herschel is hoping to do and I demonstrated an infrared camera bv filming the temperature variations across Sir Patrick's face.

(The show is broadcast on BBC One and BBC Four presented by Sir Patrick Moore)

Dr Seb Oliver with Sir Patrick Moore



Herschel at the London Science Museum

London, U.K., 25th - 29th May 2009

A Herschel exhibition was held in the Antenna gallery of the London Science Museum. Pairs of professional astronomers answered questions about the Herschel mission and its science from the public including many children. A 1:4 scale model of the Herschel spacecraft attracted 2500 visitors over 4 days. 

The Antenna gallery is a new concept for the Science Museum, and the World's first gallery where a constantly updated series of exhibitions are devoted to breaking news stories. 

Science Museum Antenna EventScience Museum Antenna EventScience Museum Antenna Event



From Earth To The Universe (FETTU)

Oxford, U.K., 12th August 2009

As part of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 an astronomical photo exhibition, known as "From Earth To The Universe (FETTU)" visited Oxford parks. At the same time, as part of the exhibition a Herschel exhibit was hosted by Oxford University. A scale model of the Herschel spacecraft, astronomy movie show and a thermal imaging infrared camera attracted hundreds of members of the public including a large number of children who had their questions answered by a team of Herschel experts who presented the exhibit. 




Royal Society Summer Exhibition

London, U.K., 30th June - 4th July 2009

An exhibition stand for the Herschel (and Planck) mission, staffed by astronomers and engineers involved in the mission appeared as part of The Royal Society's Summer Exhibition. The exhibit was a huge success, attracting thousands of visitors over the course of the week. Small scale models of the spacecraft, interactive space maps and the opportunity to have a picture taken and printed by a thermal infrared camera attracted members of the public to pose many interesting questions to the team of enthusiastic astronomers. 

Royal Society Summer ExhibitionRoyal Society Summer ExhibitionRoyal Society Summer ExhibitionRoyal Society Summer ExhibitionRoyal Society Summer Exhibition